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Miracle Membership!


The Miracle Membership is designed to keep you in alignment with your higher self, the part of you that is constantly getting your attention to guide you through your life to your desires. The Law of Attraction only works when we are free to connect to our higher selves. This program helps you maintain a practice to do just that! Consistency is key. In a world full of distraction and millions of pieces of data pulling you this way and that, this is a program that will re-center you to your desire, your divine will, and your purpose.

What you get:

Monthly membership focus

Each month, you will have a focused theme to meditate on, explore and dive deeper with personal inquiry. Each focus is chosen with the intention of bringing you closer into union with your higher self.

guided meditation

Each month comes with a custom-created meditation to help you go deeper within your subconscious to reveal the thoughts and beliefs you may have hidden about the topic for that month.


members-only podcast

Members get special access to a podcast that I don’t share anywhere else. This will be directly related to the focus for each month. The podcast will be the heart of where the informative content will be delivered.


Custom monthly worksheets to take you further with the teachings, meditation and mantra. Each worksheet corresponds with the monthly Focus.

online training

Quarterly LIVE online training sessions will be held through Zoom for members. We will have a teaching, and time for Q&A. This is where we get to connect in real time. Don’t miss these!


With each month comes a themed focus, and with each focus comes a mantra for you to embody for the month, complete with a beautiful print-out for you to intentionally insert into your immediate environment.


A monthly assignment to take your personal inquiry to the next level. Each assignment corresponds with the monthly Focus.

Exclusive discounts

As a member you get to attend exclusive workshops and other digital events, as well as a 50% discount on a selection of my digital courses! (Coming soon XOXO)