Even with everything going on out there - the mass media attention and polarization of #MeToo - there's no reason not to feel great in your skin. This culture has long forgotten that fear is not only a choice, but a lifestyle we have cultivated. There is no reason you can't choose the other way and ditch the habit of dread, depression, fear, anger, anxiety, and choose to live with unbridled joy!

If you don't see this as a possibility for yourself,

I do.

I know it's possible. Even for those of you who have felt cut off for days, weeks, months, years! I KNOW this is possible for you. I hold the space for you to come find it again.

Wouldn't it be amazing to feel safe in feeling unbridled joy? Wouldn't it feel amazing to just let the choke-hold go of all you feel you have to control to keep yourself safe? Wouldn't it feel incredibly relieving to trust people again? And know that they have nothing but love in their hearts for you? Take a deep breath and sit with that thought for a second. How incredible would it be to feel sexy in your skin, and feel safe to feel sexy, gorgeous, handsome and let all the right curves and angles be flaunted and admired - and be loved and safe in that experience?  

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Relationship Coaching for #Metoo healing

Have you experienced a trauma in your life that is affecting your relationship, or the rest of your life?

I know something about you… You’re here because you want a life that is fulfilling and a relationship that is deeply satisfying.

But I see you holding yourself back. You know the thoughts that keep you in doubt and fear, questioning whether or not you’ve made the right choices, or if you have it in you to create a life you love. Deep internal inquiry is great and I encourage everyone to participate in it, but being stuck in this mind-loop of fear and false beliefs isn’t serving you anymore. You have a purpose, and it isn’t to live in misery. 


Every trigger is an opportunity and a call to awaken and develop yourself.


That recurring fight you have with your partner, or (if single) that one issue that always tends to tear things apart – good news - that is a flag for growth! It is NOT something that separates you from the rest of the world, threatening your happiness and couple-status through all of your existence.

It’s my job to help you change your relationship and all the things keeping you stuck so you can have everything you want - in life and love.

I’m passionate about giving you the support you need to make your home a powerhouse for romance, passion and vitality - no matter what your wound history is. Support that will take you from living in fear into a life full of intimacy, unity, understanding and compassion. NOW IS YOUR TIME to live a life like a King and Queen (or any combination that best fits your situation), ruling their castle together.


Your dream life takes BOLD ACTION and it all starts right here. Together let's build you one hell of a Love Story.


passion on purpose

You can have passion in your life, regardless of what may have happened to you in the past. I work with couples and singles with baggage to move past their traumas and blocks to move into life with purpose and fervor.

Specializing in couples or singles with situations like #MeToo Stories, I help people to resolve the residual beliefs that may perpetuate the side effects of deep trauma. Your love life doesn't have to be haunted by old wounds. Neither does the rest of your life.

I know this to be true because I have lived it myself. I know what it feels like to have your intimacy - a very crucial part of every relationship - threatened by flashbacks and other PTSD symptoms. I found the way to healing, and now I offer it to you. I help couples and singles with understanding the brain processes through healing and to envision life after the healing. The goal is to establish a new subscription of beliefs that serve you in creating the life you've always seen for yourself.

Another important aspect of healing is support of both partners. There may be changes in the relationship during the period of inquiry - which is good! However, it can feel a little destabilizing for the partner. It is important to also support the partner throughout the process to better support the client pursuing the healing.


Imagine yourself one year from now

  • Reconnected to your partner the way it felt when you first got together

  • Able to understand yourself and your partner in new exciting ways and at deep levels you never paid attention to before

  • Deepen intimacy in a controlled, safe way

  • Armed with strategies for fighting fair

  • Understanding your core needs, as well as your partner and how to meet them

  • Communication strategies that everyone can and will want to use

  • Understanding the reason you fly off the handle with strategies to respond without triggers

  • Free of flashbacks in the middle of intimacy

  • Ways to unlock old fights and move past them - you know the ones that always repeat themselves


here’s what i know to be true

Anything you want can be yours. But you have to make the decision that it is undeniably yours - and refuse to accept any other reality.


Because I have lived it for myself, and I have seen it with so many other people who have decided to consciously create or re-create their love lives. Putting intentional focus into whatever is necessary - whether it is just a checkup, or a full-blown makeover - is the next step to getting to the love life of your dreams.


And the first step to having it all is making the decision that it's already yours. 


Are you ready to create your own version of Passionate and Intentional Living?

Every time I work with her she reveals a new depth about herself. There is this amazing ability to go so deep without trepidation. And then she flips my perception like that!
— Olivia M.
I was inspired to be free. You were just so happy and light, and you made me want to be that way. Thank you.
— Ines N.
What beautiful coaching!
— Magali Peysha

I understand that what I describe may seem really far away, or that you may be too far gone in your specific situation, or that it's just not possible for you. Trust me, I was there too.  I remember watching other women live their lives with freedom, unconcerned about being seen as sexy, beautiful or totally sensual, doubting if I could ever live a life where I could have passion in my life - romantic or otherwise. My wounds kept me isolated, and I felt like I had to protect myself in ways that other people never felt. I felt like no one could understand. 


I know right now you may be...

  • Constantly gaining weight as a subconscious protective layer

  • Drowning in TO-DO's, piling on tasks so you don't have to look inward

  • Feeling held back romantically

  • Feeling held back in your day-to-day life

  • Experiencing PTSD

  • Experiencing flashbacks

  • Thinking the relationship you thought was your answer is threatened

  • Thinking sex and intimacy aren't that important to you while your partner is getting frustrated and tired of being turned down

  • Losing connection in your relationship/marriage asking, "Is s/he going to stick around?"

  • Having one foot in and one foot out, always in self-protection


i know there is nothing worse

than feeling like the ground beneath you could crumble at any second. I tried to keep it all to myself for way too long and suffered in silence without realizing it. It just leaves you in a giant mess with no energy left to live your life with any kind of enjoyment.


I have a Question for You:

How are you supposed to sustain your life and relationship AND heal and grow when you're showing up with energy like that?



You Can't! Something has to give!


I hear you, I was there once too... for a while. 

My MeToo Story happened when I was 18, one week before I was sent off to college. Needless to say, I was a wreck. It was like someone flipped a switch, and all of sudden the laws of gravity changed and nothing worked the same anymore. I had had dreams of being a performer - singing and dancing on stage. But one of the side effects of my event was a fear of being seen by anybody - a real challenge if you want to make a living being a performer. So obviously that didn't happen. But it devastated me for years that I couldn't go after it, without even understanding why at the time, as it wasn't consciously in my awareness. 

Not only did it threaten any kind of romantic life, but it dashed my dreams too. It affected every area of my life. And my experience was that it is not something outsiders can easily understand. The effects aren't logical. 

But I'm here to tell you it doesn't have to be this way.

Wanna know how I know? Because I don't operate that way anymore. I live a life I love, with the love of my life. I managed this by getting intentional about how I wanted to live and feel in my life. I lived with so much pain for so long. I refused to believe that the rest of my life had to suffer from something that happened in one day. Being relentless with my success mindset and my fierce desire to have passion, purpose, magic and love is what led me to the connections that led me to healing, growth and freedom. I got SUPER clear on what I wanted to experience. I got my dreams back when I found coaching. It is a form of performing in a vastly more intimate and powerful way. I invested in high level coaches, training for coaching and multiple healing modalities over the last thirteen years to get me to the place I am where I can help other people with their stories. 


If you feel yourself coming through these words, apply now to work with me.