Even with everything going on out there - the mass media attention and polarization of #MeToo - there's no reason not to feel great in your skin. This culture has long forgotten that fear is not only a choice, but a lifestyle we have cultivated. There is no reason you can't choose the other way and ditch the habit of dread, depression, fear, anger, anxiety, and choose to live with unbridled joy!

If you don't see this as a possibility for yourself,

I do.

I know it's possible. Even for those of you who have felt cut off for days, weeks, months, years! I KNOW this is possible for you. I hold the space for you to come find it again.

Wouldn't it be amazing to feel safe in feeling unbridled joy? Wouldn't it feel amazing to just let the choke-hold go of all you feel you have to control to keep yourself safe? Wouldn't it feel incredibly relieving to trust people again? And know that they have nothing but love in their hearts for you? Take a deep breath and sit with that thought for a second. How incredible would it be to feel sexy in your skin, and feel safe to feel sexy, gorgeous, handsome and let all the right curves and angles be flaunted and admired - and be loved and safe in that experience?  

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Relationship Coaching for #Metoo healing

Have you experienced a trauma in your life that is affecting your relationship, or the rest of your life?

I know something about you… You’re here because you want a life that is fulfilling and a relationship that is deeply satisfying.

But I see you holding yourself back. You know the thoughts that keep you in doubt and fear, questioning whether or not you’ve made the right choices, or if you have it in you to create a life you love. Deep internal inquiry is great and I encourage everyone to participate in it, but being stuck in this mind-loop of fear and false beliefs isn’t serving you anymore. You have a purpose, and it isn’t to live in misery. 


Every trigger is an opportunity and a call to awaken and develop yourself.


That recurring fight you have with your partner, or (if single) that one issue that always tends to tear things apart – good news - that is a flag for growth! It is NOT something that separates you from the rest of the world, threatening your happiness and couple-status through all of your existence.

It’s my job to help you change your relationship and all the things keeping you stuck so you can have everything you want - in life and love.

I’m passionate about giving you the support you need to make your home a powerhouse for romance, passion and vitality - no matter what your wound history is. Support that will take you from living in fear into a life full of intimacy, unity, understanding and compassion. NOW IS YOUR TIME to live a life like a King and Queen (or any combination that best fits your situation), ruling their castle together.


Your dream life takes BOLD ACTION and it all starts right here. Together let's build you one hell of a Love Story.