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Even with everything going on out there - the mass media attention and polarization of #MeToo - there's no reason not to feel great in your skin. This culture has long forgotten that fear is not only a choice, but a lifestyle we have cultivated. There is no reason you can't choose the other way and ditch the habit of dread, depression, fear, anger, anxiety, and choose to live with unbridled joy!

If you don't see this as a possibility for yourself,

I do.

I know it's possible. Even for those of you who have felt cut off for days, weeks, months, years! I KNOW this is possible for you. I hold the space for you to come find it again.

Wouldn't it be amazing to feel safe in feeling unbridled joy? Wouldn't it feel amazing to just let the choke-hold go of all you feel you have to control to keep yourself safe? Wouldn't it feel incredibly relieving to trust people again? And know that they have nothing but love in their hearts for you? Take a deep breath and sit with that thought for a second. How incredible would it be to feel sexy in your skin, and feel safe to feel sexy, gorgeous, handsome and let all the right curves and angles be flaunted and admired - and be loved and safe in that experience?


love mindset engineer

Hi, I’m Amber Castano, a Love Mindset Engineer. It is my Soul Mission to help people with #MeToo Stories who don’t recognize themselves to reclaim their lives and relationships to create a life well-lived!


Does your life have you in Love or in Heartbreak?

-Amber Castano

Love Mindset Engineer

Relationship Coaching for #Metoo healing

Have you experienced a trauma in your life that is affecting your relationship, or the rest of your life?

I know something about you… You’re here because you want a life that is fulfilling and a relationship that is deeply satisfying.

But I see you holding yourself back. You know the thoughts that keep you in doubt and fear, questioning whether or not you’ve made the right choices, or if you have it in you to create a life you love. Deep internal inquiry is great and I encourage everyone to participate in it, but being stuck in this mind-loop of fear and false beliefs isn’t serving you anymore. You have a purpose, and it isn’t to live in misery. 


Every trigger is an opportunity and a call to awaken and develop yourself.


That recurring fight you have with your partner, or (if single) that one issue that always tends to tear things apart – good news - that is a flag for growth! It is NOT something that separates you from the rest of the world, threatening your happiness and couple-status through all of your existence.

It’s my job to help you change your relationship and all the things keeping you stuck so you can have everything you want - in life and love.

I’m passionate about giving you the support you need to make your home a powerhouse for romance, passion and vitality - no matter what your wound history is. Support that will take you from living in fear into a life full of intimacy, unity, understanding and compassion. NOW IS YOUR TIME to live a life like a King and Queen (or any combination that best fits your situation), ruling their castle together.



private coaching with

amber castano

Your dream life takes BOLD ACTION and it all starts right here. Together let's build you one hell of a Love Story.



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Founder and leader of the Sex & Relationship Healing for #MeToo Stories community

One in four women have a #MeToo Story and one in six men, approximately. Amber is one of those people. Her healing journey started in 2006 . She continues to find tools and resources to further amplify the experience of life - not only to find freedom from past traumas, but to make this experience the best possible, regardless of history. She has found this for herself and has made it her Soul Mission to provide this path to her clients with #MeToo Stories.


Robbins-Madanes Coach

Amber has been trained in Strategic Intervention Strategies for Level 1, Advanced/Elite and Advanced Relationship Training. Robbins-Madanes is the official Coach Training School of Tony Robbins. Amber was trained by Mark and Magali Peysha. Magali is an expert coach, senior teacher, and she spearheads curriculum development and new training programs at RMT. She began her work with her husband Mark Peysha, Cloe Madanes, Tony Robbins in 2002 helping to create the intervention films included in RMT Core Training. Mark is a Harvard-trained scholar and one of the foremost coach trainers in the world. He’s trained over 8,000 coaches at the certification level and his free trainings reach 500,000 people per month.


Kundalini Reiki Master

Amber became a Reiki Master in the Kundalini discipline in 2009. Kundalini Reiki is an interaction of Reiki (intelligent universal energy) and Kundalini (raw life force). The Kundalini greatly strengthens the Reiki, while the Reiki tempers the Kundalini, rendering it perfectly safe to use. Amber uses Reiki as a fundamental catalyst of healing in her coaching practice.


Theta Healing Practitioner

Amber received ThetaHealing certification in 2008. The ThetaHealing technique is using the Theta brain state, or the state in which a hypnosis and other modalities can access deep-seated limiting beliefs, in order to modify them to help the client reach a deeper fulfilling experience of life.

What clients are saying...

I have been truly impressed with the fact that our coaching experience has been unbiased. She is so non-judgmental... it just makes the whole experience so easy to open up... and have conversations that we couldn’t before. Amber has been so welcoming to both of us. There is no siding, and it has been a game-changer for our relationship.
— Andy P.
Every session a new depth is revealed about my process and my relationship. There is this amazing ability to go so deep without trepidation.
— Olivia M.
I was inspired to be free. She was just so happy and light, and made me want to be that way. Thank you.
— Ines N.
Believe me, I had my doubts. But this was truly very helpful. I reached what I came here for. Thank you for everything.
— Kristin S.
Amber is always very professional. She always provides me with great insight that has really helped through some tough situations. I can always count on her to give me thoughtful responses and turn to her when I am dealing with issues in my personal life. Amber has been a main source of guidance during some very turbulent times for me. Highly recommend!
— Sarah B.
Amber is a very kind, authentic, caring coach! I love the strategies that you’ve coached me on! It has been very empowering and I look forward to our next session! Thank you so much!
— Jean-Henri K.